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    The headman of the Prague-6 district, Ondrej Kolarj, who initiated the dismantling of the monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev, may become the head of the Czech Foreign Ministry. The likely candidate for the post of head of the foreign ministry in the new government, citing its sources, was named by the publication Seznam Zpravy.

    The interlocutors of the publication said that representatives of the TOR 09 movement, which is part of the “Together” coalition that won the elections, nominated the head of the Prague-6 district for the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country. “Another candidate is the mayor of Hradec Kralove and ex-diplomat Martin Dvorak (formerly an expert in Kosovo and Iraq, as well as a trade representative in the United States),” writes Seznam Zpravy.

    The sources of the publication named the leader of the coalition “Together” and the chairman of the Civic Democratic Party (GDP) Peter Fiala as a candidate for the post of prime Minister. The position of speaker of the parliament is predicted by the leader of the TOR 09 movement, Marketa Pekarova-Adamova, and the post of Interior Minister is predicted by the leader of the movement “Elders and Independents”, Vitu Rakushan. The Ministry of Finance may be headed by Zdenek Stanyura from the GDP, and the Ministry of Defense by Yana Chernokhova, who previously headed the Defense and Security Committee in parliament.

    Earlier it was reported that the coalition “Together” consisting of three opposition liberal parties came out ahead in the elections in the Czech Republic. After counting the data at 99 percent of polling stations, the coalition “Together” gains 27.45 percent of the votes. The ruling ANO movement of Prime Minister Andrei Babish is in second place with 27.43 percent of the vote. Another liberal coalition, which includes the Pirate Party and the movement “Elders and Independents”, takes third place — 15.4 percent of voters voted for them.

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